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On The Rocks – W.C. Handy Festival Music Lineup 2014

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On-The-Rocks-LogoOn The Rocks is a Reverbnation Venue

On The Rocks is a ReverbNation Venue
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Friday – July 18, 2014
Saturday – July 19, 2014
9PM – 1AM: The Local Saints
Sunday – July 20, 2014
9PM – 1AM: Big Mike Griffin

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Monday – July 21, 2014
4PM – 8PM: Graham Stookey
9PM – 1AM: Follow Apollo
Tuesday – July 22, 2014
4PM – 8PM: Jordan Dean
9PM – 1AM: Big Al & The Heavyweights
Wednesday – July 23, 2014
4PM – 8PM: Drum & Drummer
9PM – 1AM: The Aaron Blades Band
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Thursday – July 24, 2014
4PM – 8PM: Rob Aldridge
9PM – 1AM: Fiddleworms
Friday – July 25, 2014
4PM – 8PM: Ashla Taylor & Les Hall
9PM – 1AM: Bad Brad & The Sipsey Slims
Saturday – July 26, 2014
9PM – 1AM: Microwave Dave & The Nukes
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The W.C. Handy Music Festival is a weeklong celebration of the musical heritage of northwest Alabama, honoring Florence native W.C. Handy, “Father of the Blues.” Over 200 events take place during the week, ranging from mini-concerts to headliner concerts, plays to art exhibits, picnics to restaurants and clubs. On The Rocks is at the heart of all the music, food and fun of 2014 Handy Festival. We are located on the hundred block of Court St in beautiful downtown Florence, AL.